You Can Win
You Can Win
You Can WinYou Can Win

Name Of The Book: You Can Win: A step by step tool for top achievers

Name Of Author: Shiv Khera

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You Can WinYou Can Win You Can WinYou Can Win You Can WinYou Can Win You Can WinYou Can Win You Can WinYou Can Win You Can WinYou Can Win You Can WinYou Can Win

Book Pages: 308 pages

About Author:

Before talking about You Can Win Summary allows first talk the book’s author Shiv Khera. He is an Indian author of self improvement guides and an activist. He launched a development against caste-based reservation India. Established an organization called nation first foundation, and started Bharatiya Rashtravadi Samanta party. In 1998 Khera distributed his first book YOU CAN WIN (Jeet Aapki in Hindi). This book centers around achieving accomplishment through personal development and an inspirational attitude. Different books composed by Khera is Living with Respect about living honorably and respectably in a fractured world.


You Can Win Summary motivates individuals and take things ideal from your daily life and transforms them into positive push. This book is for the individuals who seek after balanced personality and who want to move towards progress with inspiration. This is easy to read a self improvement guide.

How about we start with You Can Win Summary to understand in more details:

Chapter 1: Building an uplifting attitude

In this chapter author shares an account of a man who moves distinctive shading balloons at fair, at whatever point his business used to go down, so as to tackle that situation he used to fly one balloon in the air, so when kids see that balloon in air, they have a craving for getting it, with this system his sales again used to go up, one day when he was moving his balloon one kid came near him and asked him, “In the event that YOU RELEASE A BLACK BALLOON, WOULD THAT ALSO FLY.” That balloon merchant moved by that kid’s worry, for this, that man answered With empathy, “Child, IT Isn’t THE Shade OF THE BALLOON, IT IS WHAT IS INSIDE THAT MAKES IT GO UP.”

With this story author want us to realize that this man saying applies in our lives as well, It is what is inside that matters, author says that thing inside us what makes us go up is our attitude, author says that have you at any point asked why a few people organizations or organizations or nations are more fruitful than others? Author says the reason for this is extremely straightforward, the general population who end up fruitful is because they just think and act of that reasoning viably, author says that one day when he asked an inquiry to two administrators that on the off chance that they would have magic wand what will they ask from that wand, will they ask for benefit or tremendous achievement or for what, after tuning in to an answer of those officials he was really exceptionally inspired, answer was that individuals ought to have better attitude, they will ask for better attitude because better and best attitude can make individual a decent and effective individual.

Author says that individuals’ attitude adds to progress, according to an examination was finished by Harvard College, they say 85 percent individuals land a position because of their attitude, and just 15 percent of individuals land a position because they are smart or clever.

Chapter 2: Acres of Diamonds

In this chapter author had shared a story related to farmer, author says there was a farmer in Africa who was happy and content, that farmer was happy because he was substance and he was content because he was happy, one day a shrewd man came to that farmer and informed him regarding the wonder of diamonds and the power that accompanies them, the astute man said that on the off chance that he had a diamond size of his thumb that he will get his own city and on the off chance that he would have a diamond size of a clench hand, he can purchase his own nation, tuning in to this that farmer wasn’t able to rest entire night, he became discontent, and because of this discontent behavior he was unhappy.

The following day immediately after waking up, that farmer left his family and sold his whole farm and moved out in search of diamond, after searching entire Africa he didn’t discovered anything and when he came back to his home place he was financially wrecked and also lost his entire happiness, he started feeling unhappy and lost, so finally he submitted suicide.

The individual who purchased first farmer farm was watering the camels at a stream, when he was chipping away at that land he discovered some sparkling stone, he took that stone and kept it at his home, when savvy man came to meet first farmer, he saw that stone, that shrewd man asked the new proprietor is the earlier farmer has returned home? For this new proprietor answers no however why you asking this, for this that insightful man says that I can see the diamond which I have asked him to search, for this new proprietor says no it is anything but a diamond yet a normal sparkling stone , and my whole farm which I have purchased from earlier farmer is loaded up with such sparkling stone, when that farmer took that astute man to his farm, he disclosed to him that these are diamonds not stone, after analyzing that farm appropriately they came to realize that farm was secured with wcres and acres of diamonds.

After sharing this story author ask us to discover 5 morals of this story

So how about we examine the morals according to author

At the point when our attitude is correct, we realize that we are all walking on acres and acres of diamonds.

The grass on the opposite side always looks greener

Author says that each individual in this world like grass on the opposite side, means when you like another person’s grass then another person also enjoys some different people grass.

Author says that when individual don’t realize how to perceive opportunity, they complain of clamor when it thumps.

The same open door never thumps twice, the following open door can be better or more regrettable however it can never be the same.

Chapter 3: Factors that decide our attitude

Author says primarily factors that decide our attitude:




Under Condition gets back home, school, work, media, culture, Religion, tradition, Social condition and political condition.


Author says our behavior changes according to our involvement with individuals and occasions in our lives, on the off chance that we have constructive involvement with individuals, our attitude also ends up positive.


Here author talks about formal and informal education, here author isn’t just talking about academic qualifications or degrees, here author is talking about information which gives astuteness and guarantees achievement.

This is the finish of You Can Win Summary. In this book author has shared advantages of inspiration, this book motivates us and take us to the correct heading, this book can be read at any time at whatever point you feel sad or discouraged it will motivate you and take you to the correct course.


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