The Voice of Knowledge


Name Of The Book: The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace (Toltec Wisdom Book)

Name Of Author: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

Book Pages: 224 pages

About Creator:

Before talking about The Voice of Knowledge Summary, let’s first talk about the book’s author Don Miguel Ruiz. He is a Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and Neoshamanism texts. His work is best-received among members of the new age movement that focuses on ancient teachings as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Ruiz is also listed as one of the Watkins 100 most spiritually influential living people in 2014. Some even associate Ruiz work with Carlos Castaneda, author of the teaching of Don Juan.


In The Voice of Knowledge Summary creator says that when we were kids, we realized how to live at the time and be totally authentic yet as our youth passed something harming happens to us all. As per Ruiz, we as a whole have given knowledge about how to live on the planet. Guardians educate us concerning how to carry on the planet with the end goal to be a decent kid or young lady. The educator discloses to us what everything we are required with the end goal to be a champ or an effective person. The creator says that this aggregate VOICE OF KNOWLEDGE Isn’t just false however it is additionally extremely noxious. The smash hit writer of the book The four understanding clarifies that we individuals are not the manner in which we ought to be. The creator likewise discusses Adam and Eve story, here Ruiz alludes to the taboo tree of knowledge and compares the deserting of the genuine self to tumble from paradise.

What Ruiz Call Voice of knowledge other profound educator pioneers or masters may call it personality a precisely shielded shrouded conviction which doesn’t enable people to live and express how they would have preferred to and doesn’t permit communicating who we truly are.

On the off chance that you are battling with yourself from settling on the correct choice or taking right activities of doing the correct things then this book is for you. this book will remind you about your qualities as a special individual and furthermore elevate your soul in such a route or in such an opportunity, to the point that neither one-sided judgment or self-allegation can repel you from exceeding expectations or enhancing throughout everyday life and adoring yourself and your singularity.

We should start with The Voice of Knowledge Summary:

Part 1 – Adam and Eve

Here creator has shared an extremely renowned tale about Adam And Eve, and nearly everybody must know about it, creator says this story is in regards to mankind and everybody being one, creator says everything was in regards to cherish, everything began with guiltlessness, then there were two trees, Tree of Life and Tree of death, creator says that in this story Ruler of untruths used to remain in the tree of death, too all realize that blessed messenger and god advised Adam and Eve not to eat any natural product which has a place with tree of passing, yet Adam and Eve bit into the apple from that tree of falsehoods and assimilated the falsehoods that accompanied it.

The creator says that God was correct when he advised the two of them not to eat that tree organic product in the event that they eat it they will pass on, however they didn’t tune in and eat it, the creator says they kicked the bucket since they lost themselves, they made the ruler of falsehoods live inside them.

Writer says that our psyche is rich ground for idea, thoughts, and assessments, and on the off chance that somebody reveals to us a lie and in the event that we trust it, that lie will flourish in our brain and will develop profound and extremely solid simply like an old tree, writer says that a little lie can likewise be exceptionally hazardous and infectious, it will spread it seeds from individual to individual when we share it with individuals or others.

Part 2 – A Visit with Grandfather

Here creator says that when one day I chose to visit my grandfather to awe him, yet rather than he getting awed Ruiz himself was especially inspired by his grandfather, in past, what he gained from his grandfather that knowledge once in a while is just the total of things that we gain from our school and existence without knowing whether that knowledge is valid or not, so when Ruiz asked his grandfather then what is valid, then his grandfather answered that “Reality Should BE Encountered, It’s not vital to dependably endeavor to make yourself right or make others off-base.

The creator says every one of the issues and dramatizations human endure is on the grounds that they put stock in untruths, fundamentally about ourselves, the creator says that we people don’t recognize what we truly are nevertheless we individuals realize what we are definitely not.

Section 3 – The Lie of Our Blemish

Creator says that everybody begin their life as a guiltless little youngster, however gradually and step by step everybody grows up eating a lie that each must endeavor to wind up what one ought to be, and as we as a whole people trust the story which was advised to us when we were developing we begun trusting those accounts as though they are valid, yet creator says with appropriate mindfulness and enhancement we individuals can change that story which was forced on us.

Creator says that when we were kids we were totally authentic, we never endeavor to imagine what we are not, our inclination is to play and investigate, we people are destined to live at the time, to make the most of our lives, no one instructed us to be that way, we resembled that since we were conceived, our youth was our actual nature which wasn’t educated to us.

Creator says that when human personalities end up develop enough, implies when human personality winds up fit for learning, from that minute we, individuals, begin qualifying what is good and bad, great or awful, delightful or appalling, creator says when we develop from that point forward we begin making tales about what we ought to be, we placed confidence in the story and for us that story turns into reality, which can’t be valid.



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