The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living

Dalai Lama

Name Of The Book: The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living

Name Of Author: Dalai Lama, Howard C. Cutler

Book Pages: 288 pages


Before talking about the book we should talk about the individual behind composition this magnificent book, Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler. This book is composed by an analyst/psychotherapist known as Howard cutler who spent a couple of days talking with Dalai Lama, Cutler has asked inquiries to Dalai Lama and also added his own appearance on issues raised. This book is based on How Dalai Lama personally able to achieve inward peace, calmness, and happiness. This book centers around the foundational ideas of Tibetan Buddhist reasoning towards life, the main focal point of this book was on the idea of happiness as a state of the psyche, in this book Tibetan Buddhist teaches readers how they can surrender their sentiments of attachment towards ideas and articles. This attachment allows external articles or situation to dictate our internal emotional state.

This book contains various parts and each part contains various chapters, so how about we talk about each point in detail

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living Summary Part 1: The Reason Forever

Chapter 1: The Privilege of happiness

Here author says that the main motivation behind each individual is to look for happiness, whether individual puts stock in religion or regardless of what religion individuals pursue everybody wants great and better life for themselves, everybody is looking for something better throughout everyday life, so Dalai Lama says that the simple movement of our life is towards happiness, IN this chapter Dalai Lama talked about what actually the art of happiness book is all about

Howard and many of his patients trusted that happiness was not well characterized, and it was something hard to discover or achieve and ungraspable, Howard also saw that word happy was gotten from the term fortunes and chance.

Here Cutler says that when he talks about training the psyche, where he doesn’t mean personality as one’s subjective ability or brains, in any case, he is utilizing that term in the feeling of Tibetan word Sem, which included judgment and believing and also heart and brain. Here author says that by getting some amount of order us we can experience a transformation in our attitude and in our whole viewpoint and approach to living.

Dalai Lama consider happiness to be objective, meaning individuals who define goals target and work for it and achieve them they are creating happiness in oneself, Author says usually happy individuals will, in general, be more sociable, adaptable and creative and they are more capable of handling life’s issues and frustrations daily more easily compare to unhappy individuals.

Chapter 2: The wellspring of happiness

This chapter talks about that we can make sense of the sources which can make us happy and unhappy, this chapter starts with stories one story says that one man came to think about his Hiv positive, this news conveys him to bring down dimension of happiness yet he before long began to appreciate each day of his life compared to earlier, this example indicates how that happiness depends more on one’s internal state of brain than compare to external occasions of situation means your happiness relies upon you, not on external encompassing or external forces. This book says regardless of whether you are getting life most elevated amount of happiness, for example, winning a lottery or getting what you want or whether of you are getting life low minutes, for example, diagnosed with cancer or any trouble, at some minute you will come back to normal baseline again.

And here normal baseline is the manner by which you react to extraordinary situations occasions news, author says relating to baseline theory we individuals have an exceptionally comparing personality, we compare ourselves with each other and inside ourselves, we individuals compare our existence with others life achievement and happiness and this does only convey us to unhappiness. Yet, the author says here we should flip our psyche instead of comparing ourselves with bosses we should compare our lives with inferiors,

According to Dalai Lama, on the off chance that you put or develop hateful contemplations and anger somewhere inside you, this thing will for beyond any doubt annihilate your health and also decimate your 1 part happiness, author says that we are naturally introduced to a certain state of brain about happiness however we have the capability to change our whole standpoint by being happy at each minute, for example, per Dalai Lama we can discover happiness through ourselves without anyone else worth here self-esteem means compassion, affection, and feeling of respect.

Chapter 3: Training the Psyche for Happiness

Here author says that initial step is to learn to analyze contemplations and feelings so that can understand is that idea beneficial or destructive, author says attempt to avoid want in your life, on the off chance that you are aware that something can entice you and which isn’t at all great avoid it, positive want is great avoid negative want.

This part contains more chapters to understand each chapter in detail then do purchase this book from the given connection  

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living Summary Part 2: Human Warmth And Compassion

Chapter 1: Another Model for Intimacy

Here it says that compassionate and intimacy is two of the most grounded feelings a man can achieve, and its inconceivable for a man to discover these feelings individually inside ourselves we require somebody for this, thus we continue endeavoring to search somebody to be compassionate about, or intimate with, henceforth individual needs a cordial and positive approach and ought to create inviting condition, here author says that we have to maintain an attitude of kinship and warmth with the end goal to lead a way of life in which there are sufficient interactions with others so that can appreciate a happy life-Dalai lama

Further it says, That Intimacy is central center of our reality, it creates transparency with others, which is really important and necessary for a happy life, according to Dalai Lama, Intimacy means having one close individual with whom you can share your fear, distress, and all the most profound inclination, and to help Dalai lama assessment Cutler added , that according to research it demonstrates that individual who has that one close individual with whom they able to share their all issues and happiness will probably endure health challenges, for example, heart attack major medical procedures and are more averse to create diseases compare to individuals who don’t have that dear companion.

This part contains many more chapters, for example, extending our associations with others, the value, and advantages of compassion and significantly more to have detail understanding of each chapter do purchase this book at the given connection.

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living Summary Part 3: Transforming Enduring

Chapter 1: Is Facing Enduring

All through this chapter Dalai Lama talks about the enduring individuals face at some part of their lives, henceforth Dalai Lama says its better in the event that you prepare yourself before that something traumatic can happen to your life at some minute, for example, Death or anything, Dalai Lama says that in the event that you prepare yourself, you will recognize what to expect, Dalai Lama says sooner or later everybody has to face such traumatic situations thus on the off chance that you see that situation as natural, you able to live a happy life, It says on the off chance that you accept the fact and realize your enduring you’ll defeat those bad occasions faster rather than denying that everything is alright.

My idea:

This point doesn’t mean to make you feel negative, yet to make you understand that life is unpredictable and there are things which will happen for beyond any doubt that’s the manner by which life works consequently instead of running from it we individuals ought to prepare ourselves and this thing will assist us with moving forward that too with part of courage and quality.



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