How to Read a Person Like a Book
How to Read a Person Like a Book
How to Read a Person Like a Book

Name Of The Book: How to Read a Person Like a Book: Observing Body Language to Know What People Are Thinking

Name Of Author: Gerard I. Nierenberg, Henry H. Calero

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Book Pages: 118 pages

About Author:

Before talking about the “How to Read a Person Like a Book Summary”, allows first talk about book author Gerard I. Nierenberg and Henry H. Calero.Forbes named Nierenberg “THE FATHER OF NEGOTIATION TRAINING” For his exploration of negotiation strategies and tactics as well as his decades of work disseminating the reasoning that “in a fruitful negotiation everybody wins. Henry H Calero is the author of books, for example, How to Read a Person Like a Book, Knuckleball and The Intensity Of Nonverbal Communication.


How to Read a Person Like a Book Summary

In “How to Read a Person Like a Book Summary”, learn what your companion, your darling, your manager are really saying to you in a language that everybody utilizes except nobody speaks-Body language! This book causes you to enhance your ability to communicate with other people. This book encourages you to learn how to translate and answer to nonverbal signals from strangers, companions and business associates, we as a whole know that deliberately or not of our bodies’ developments, we express our emotions, attitudes, and thought processes through motions that are regularly vague and habitually disregarded.

This book allows you to gain command of business and social situations, encourages you to sharpen your negotiation aptitudes, causes you to perceive the implicit signals of affection and attraction, also enhances your knowledge about body language, Gerard demonstrated systems for gaining control of negotiation, will assist you with understanding and perceive signal of adoration affection and attraction, and also give you advantage of making your social and business life effective.

How about we start with How to Read a Person Like a Book Summary:

Chapter 1: ACQUIRING THE Aptitudes FOR READING Motions

This chapter starts with Ruler Chesterfield saying that learning is acquired by reading books, yet the considerably more necessary learning the knowledge of the world is acquired by reading men and concentrate all the various releases of them.

Author says that an airport is the best place for seeing and review the whole human emotional range, author says that on the off chance that you see at the airport you will understand each travelers feelings and sentiments through their body language for example on the off chance that you see a woman who is bit anxious about flying squeezing the meaty part of her hand for reassurance then this body language of hers is somewhat like saying to herself that it’s alright it will be alright, it is similar to people saying that I had to squeeze myself to make beyond any doubt that it wasn’t a dream.

Another example, assume a male waiting for departure time may also be uncertain about flying then his sitting stance will inform you everything concerning his feelings and emotions, he will sit in an inflexible, upstanding position with his ankles bolted, his hands are held together, making one major clench hand, he will rhythmically massages one thumb against the other on top of his interlocked hands, these motions of his will characterize and indicate an anxious attitude.

In this book author talks about the whole airport area, right off the bat he examine the departure area further he speaks about the pay phone area, he says there are three men in pay phones, one man is standing with body at attention, his coat is buttoned, thusly he gives the feeling that with whom so ever he is talking is important to him, he may be the salesman talking to a customer on the phone.

Author presently talks about the second person in the pay phone, he says that second caller’s body is relaxed, he slumps over, shifts his load from foot to footstool his jaw on his chest, his body language says that he is taking a gander at the floor and gestures his head saying yeah, yes. After seeing his impression you can say that he is comfortable however potentially held on for the conversation and endeavoring to shroud the fact, he may take the beneficiary of the telephone for granted, that recipient maybe his significant other or an old companion.

The third caller is talking to his better half, because his face is covered up, and the way he is handling the telephones as in the event that it were the object of his affection.

This book shows each signal stances images, with images and easy to understand words and sentences you can easily enhance your body language understanding and knowledge.


Author says the individual significance of a motion is once in a while subject to as many interpretations as the quantity of people evaluating it, however author says that we ought to recall forget that each motion is just a single information and the total harmonious communication picture is what we are looking for, author says that we ought to never get impacted just by observing just a single motion and ought to never make a choice until and except if we don’t understand the Motion group and the earlier and consequent motions.

So as to understand signal group and to decide the congruity of its parts, let us initially understand the several nonverbal communication which is easily recognizable and frequently experienced.

Author says that amid the business negotiation one can watch a wide range of facial appearance, author says that we center around eyes regularly than any other part of the body, The eyes of men talk as much as their tongues, eyes have more articulations and it has broadly accepted meanings, sooner or later almost everybody has experienced a look that could slaughter, a fisheye , a come here look or an I am available glance.

In this point, the author has shown images of two gatherings and by taking a gander at their body language you can know which bunch is happy, certain and priggish and which assemble is unhappy, angry and guarded.

Author also talks about various sort of grin, first elongated grin, another is upper or how-would you-do grin, in which upper teeth are revealed and the mouth generally will be generally somewhat open and the basic grin a typically rubbish grin, this grin happens when somebody is without anyone else’s input and happy, the lips bend back and up however remain no dental display, the broad grin happens in situation of pleasurable energy.

The author also talks about walking signals; the author says that each individual has a particular walk that makes him easily recognizable to his companions.

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